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Bioplastic Nightlight

Bioplastic is a plant-based compound that can be made out of any kind of starch.  The starch is combined with water, salt, and a plasticizer (glycerine) to create a material that is pliable yet structurally sound.  In the research leading up to this project, I made my own bioplastic out of corn, wheat, potato, and tapioca starch.  Corn starch had the most suitable properties, and after the addition of stone powder for greater rigidity, it was an ideal material for all kinds of products. 

This nightlight was made out of twenty individual triangles of bioplastic assembled into an isocahedron-shaped shell.  Light is emitted through the small openings in the center of each triangle and filtered by very thin sheets of bioplastic.  Because of the material's characteristics, the nightlight produces a warm yellow glow, perfect for use in a bedroom or bathroom.

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