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Sustainable Luxury Jewelry Dish

Luxury inherently has a connotation of wastefulness.  From enormous gas-guzzling cars to coats made of rare furs and leathers, the concept of luxury is often synonymous with careless and destructive practices.  Sustainable Luxury was an attempt to subvert this societally ingrained association by creating products using industrial waste as a source material.


This jewelry dish, crafted from scrap marble, is part of the Sustainable Luxury family of products.  At stone cutting factories, sometimes a flaw in the stone can cause irregular breakage to occur during the cutting process.  Because these broken chunks of stone are no longer of any use to the manufacturer, they are thrown in huge piles, where they will eventually be broken down into smaller pieces and used to strengthen concrete.  I envisioned these broken pieces of stone as jewelry dishes, where the form of the resulting dish is inspired by the shape of the fractured rock.

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