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Mosaic Apartments

This new 92-unit, market-rate development was inspired by an opportunity in the small but booming town of Fargo, NDA lack of multifamily development left the young adult and family demographics underserved, and the Mosaic Apartments were conceived to fill that gap.  With a rich and eclectic aesthetic, plentiful amenities, and whimsical touches such as a social-media-connected photo booth, Mosaic was a unique offering that quickly garnered attention. 


As an interiors-only project with a shoestring budget, every piece of documentation, from the floor plans to the detail drawings, had to be done in SketchUp.  The final package included numerous custom details I created to tie into the mosaic theme, and one of my best roof deck amenity spaces.

Club Room 1
Club Room 2
Club Room 3
Lobby 1
Lobby 2
Lobby 3
Lobby 4
Corridor Dark Blue
Roof Deck 2
Roof Deck 1
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