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DECO Apartments

This small but highly detailed project involved 89 units of new market-rate apartments in downtown Shakopee, MN.  The client wanted to tap into Shakopee’s history as a wild speakeasy town in the days of prohibition, so I embraced a modern art deco aesthetic, fittingly hidden within an exterior shell that gave nothing away.  Upon entry into the lobby, a subtle gold path leads to to a bank of elevators which transports the guest up to an elaborate club room and roof deck, complete with an art-deco-styled bar in black quartz and brass.  I walked a fine line while designing and rendering for this project, because the client was passionate about the history but wanted to avoid an aesthetic that came across as dated.  Furniture selection was handled by a different firm, so all designs were visualized up to that point.  

Lobby 1 Rerender
Lobby 2 Rerender
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