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Salad Sphere

Mixing a salad is a messy and difficult process.  Whether using utensils to toss the salad or holding two bowls together and shaking, mixing a salad is likely to result in drips, spills, and bits of food all over the counter.  Salad Sphere simply and elegantly solves this problem.  The two halves of the sphere are made of clear acrylic with a twist-lock silicone seal, allowing you to shake without drips and see when your salad is fully mixed.  The end caps are also removable so you can easily add more ingredients or dressing during the mixing process.  And when your salad is ready, you can simply unlock the two halves and use them as serving bowls.  Due to Salad Sphere's water-tight design, it can be used to mix other foods and drinks too:  try it with trail mix, marinades, brownie batter, and even powdered drinks like Kool-Aid.  It's an all-in-one mixing tool!

Salad Sphere Occlusion
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