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Samuel Gompers High School Clinic

Samuel Gompers High School is located in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the Bronx and has been threatened with closure multiple times.  However, thanks to an initiative to reinvest in the aging NYC public school system, the high school is going to be the site of a trial clinic.  This clinic, housed in modular prefabricated buildings, will offer on-site medical, dental, and consultation services to underprivileged students.  During the design process, emphasis was placed on creating a calming environment, ensuring the safety of the students and staff, and integrating the new building into the existing site to generate a sense of permanence.  The clinic will be located in a large courtyard in the center of the high school which is currently used for parking; this location is an excellent solution to the challenge of integrating the structure, and it allows some of the existing blacktop to be converted into green space.  The new facility as well as the surrounding garden will have a transformative effect on the school as a whole, giving new life to a declining institution.  

Back Porch Render with Marigolds
Bathroom Render with Mirror
Exam Room Wireframe
Consultation Room Wireframe
Gompers Clinic Floorplan with Annotations V2
Gompers Location Options
School Site Analysis-page-001
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