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Theme Park Consultation for Evergrande

During my time as project manager at Raven Sun Creative, we had a contract with Evergrande, China's second-largest real estate development company.  Evergrande was actively expanding into the themed entertainment market, with multiple new theme parks in the works across China.  Our client had employed several other design firms for various aspects of the projects, and they needed a team with extensive knowledge of theme park design to oversee all of the moving parts.  Our team served as consultants during the theme park projects' development, weighing in on decisions and offering feedback when necessary.  It was our job to perform concept feasibility studies, raise concerns, and ensure that the other design firms were operating within the project constraints. 


The terms of the NDA with the client prevent me from sharing images from the consultation process, so the images included below are publicly available concept art for Evergrande's theme parks.  Image rights belong to the Blooloop Media Group and IDEATTACK.

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