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Theme Park Design for Lamborghini

During my time as project manager at Raven Sun Creative, we took a project from Lamborghini.  Following the successful openings of Ferrari World in the UAE (2010) and Ferrari Land in Spain (2017), automobile manufacturers around the world realized that they could expand into the themed entertainment market.  Our client wanted us to design a "land" themed after their company; this would allow them to market the design to existing theme parks as a turnkey solution.  The "land" could be integrated into existing theme parks and provide huge benefits in the form of brand recognition.  I personally went through multiple rounds of space planning and designed the layout to meet the client's needs.  I also created in-depth aesthetic treatments in the vein of Epcot, building an immersive world by delving into the history and surroundings associated with the Lamborghini brand.

Theme Park Birds Eye - Logo Redacted.jpg
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