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Caliper Apartments

The Caliper Apartments' developer was inspired by their gorgeous wooded site in Maple Grove, MN, and asked for a design that respected the organic beauty of the place.  I designed every interior feature, from the natural materiality to the geometric linework, to reflect the canopy of branches crisscrossing over the site.  Wooden screens divide the amenity spaces, creating cozy nooks reminiscent of forest clearings.  Soft, warm lighting imparts a feeling of sunlight filtering through leaves.  



The roof deck amenity space is yet another example of my efforts to tie the residents' experience into their natural surroundings; traditional seating is supplemented by sloping grass embankments, and the height of the roof deck allows for an open view across the treetops.

Lobby Walkthrough View 1
Lobby Walkthrough View 2
Lobby Walkthrough View 3
Lobby Walkthrough View 4
Lobby Walkthrough View 5
Clubroom Walkthrough View 2
Clubroom Walkthrough View 3
Clubroom Walkthrough View 4
Clubroom Walkthrough View 5
Clubroom Walkthrough View 6
Fire Ring V2 View 1
Fire Ring V2 View 3
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